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They Win, But Everyone's Sick!

Thursday night, Renea and I went to Josh's last soccer game, which was Senior Night. His mom and dad walked with him down the field with the other seniors and parents. I took photos and videos during the game. Shortly after it started, it began to rain. It didn't stop and gradually got worse. Then the wind came. I continued to use my camera under a couple of roof overhangs. Renea eventually joined me and we waded through the cold and the water together.

Of course, the game ended the second 40 minute half in a tie. So, they took a quick break and played another 10 minute overtime period. No score. Another break. Another 10 minutes...and his team finally scored! It was well worth it.

Now, soon after that eventful game, Renea, Skyler, and I started to get sick. She took Skyler to NextCare Saturday morning to each get diagnosed with an ear infection. I was having chest pains and finally went in on Sunday morning to get x-rays and blood tests done to confirm bronchitis. When we went to work this morning, it seemed like half the campus was absent, including many teachers and office workers.

Thankfully, our home is becoming more well now and will continue our medicine this week.