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Thanksgiving 2009

This weekend, I drove over 1000 miles. Wow! It was a nice drive to Durango, CO and back. We visited Renea's dad and stepmom. It was a very relaxing weekend with lots of fresh air.

Our first night was spent about halfway, in Gallup, NM. We stayed at a very large hotel, currently called the Gallup Inn. I swear it was haunted, with the hundreds of unoccupied rooms with dark, un-heated halls. I even suggested that they advertise it as haunted to attract more visitors (we were one of two occupied rooms). Our room was okay and heated. Skyler and I left mommy to work on her laptop. He wore pajamas and shoes during our two exploration treks throughout the various corridors and passageways. When we came back from our adventure, Skyler read aloud The Monster at the End of This Book. I videotaped it. Renea and I were all smiles.

On Friday, we drove to Pagosa Springs. There, Skyler was impatient during a quick photo shoot, so he dropped his pants and underwear and started his business in the little creek area, outside a very nice resort! It was just Skyler and I hanging out, when I heard shouting from 20 yards away. They were trying to get me to notice what Skyler was doing, since I was preoccupied with my camera. My first reaction to pull up his pants was met with more shouting to stop and let everything finish. It was a very funny moment, to say the least.

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