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Sledding in Flagstaff

Yesterday, Skyler and I joined my dad in a short day trip up north to Flagstaff. We went sledding at a neighborhood park and then had lunch at a small dive. My dad had to deliver some paperwork and talk to some people for a few minutes, so it was a great opportunity to spend time with my dad and Skyler's grandpa. Don't tell Renea, but we put Skyler's bare feet in the snow because he kept saying he was going to do it himself.

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I turned 34 on Saturday and Renea went with me to a movie, Edge of Darkness. Afterwards, we were supposed to go to Souper Salad for my free lunch, but they had closed (and the existing Greek restaurant had closed a couple months ago). We ended up at Samurai Sam's for some good teriyaki bowls.

I sent Renea a couple dozen roses at work last week, so all of her co-workers would notice! I am such a great husband! She is such a great wife!