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Renea is a Hero

For the past few days, my lovely and caring wife, Renea, took charge of all the school counselors in our district and spent many hours emailing and creating proposals for the school board regarding the potential of severe counseling position cuts for next year. She even spoke during a school board meeting and organized a great effort to save jobs. Last night, during another school board meeting, it was announced that school counselors would not be cut. Renea has gained a lot of respect and admiration recently from her fellow workers and has received numerous emails of gratitude from school counselors, board members, and other district office employees. I am very proud of her!

Yesterday and today, I stayed home to take Skyler to and from school. His sitter for after school is off the rest of this week. When I picked him up yesterday, I took these photos as he was getting out. I am about to go pick him up again now...