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Reading a Movie

Tonight, Renea and I watched The Orphanage and it was really good. I was proud that she decided to watch the movie after we realized it was a foreign film! I jumped once or twice from scary moments, sitting next to Skyler, who was watching a new Go Diego Go! DVD on the laptop (with headphones).

I’ve also been taking a training class all week for English as a Second Language requirement for Arizona teachers. My small group visited a Filipino restaurant that also included a grocery and check cashing section. As soon as we walked in, we heard a young lady singing karaoke to a Britney Spears song. The food was cafeteria-style, but was pretty good. We have to give group presentations tomorrow and I helped get Persian music for another group. While looking up traditional and modern music from Iran, I came across a music video on YouTube that I’ve been playing a lot the past couple of days. It’s a song by Chris de Burgh (Lady in Red) and the first pop group from Iran, Arian Band. I really like it. Here’s a link to the song (or just click on it below).

Potty Training Update: Skyler has been using the toilet on his own and both Renea and I are amazed on how well he’s doing these past few days. It helps to stay home and let him run around the house in only a shirt!