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Polar Express 2009

We had a great weekend in Williams, Arizona. Renea, Skyler, and I were the first to arrive at our rented cabin. However, we had trouble making it up the icy hill. Fortunately, a neighbor, Mark, was walking along the road and offered to help us. After a few more attempts to make it up, he drove us to his home and let us park there. Then, he helped us pack our things in his truck and he took us to our cabin. Mark was very nice and is one of a handful of residents who live there year-long.

Friday night, after settling in to the cabin, we stopped into town for pizza, then boarded the Polar Express. Like the previous two trips, it was a fun time with hot chocolate, cookies, singing, and visiting with Santa.

On the return from the train ride, Steve's car got stuck. Renea and Skyler were with him and his family. I was in the other vehicle. Chet and I joined Steve in trying to rescue the car. The nicest part, though, was seeing all the stars in the dark sky.

Saturday morning, Skyler and I got up before everyone else and went sledding. I had to keep reminding him to not eat the snow. A little while later, we were joined on the hill.

After eating breakfast, I called AAA and had a driver come up towards the cabin to pull Steve's car out of the ditch. A plastic cover from under the car was severely damaged and dragged on the road, so Steve and I headed into town to get tools to remove it.

In the afternoon, the kids opened up presents from under the cabin's Christmas tree. Skyler got a book and a Transformer. The adults had an idea to get the kids to take a nap after playing outside, so we all went sledding, made a snowgirl, and had a big snowball fight. Some of us sustained minor injuries.

Back inside, many people took a nap, including me. After dinner, the kids played inside some more and then slowly fell asleep. The adults played games for hours, proving once again that the guys' team usually wins.

Sunday morning, everyone packed up, cleaned up, and headed out. On the way home, the snow slowly faded away until it was no where to be seen. A little while later, the saguaro started to appear.

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