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Monster Trucks

Tonight, Renea got back from her Vegas trip with some female co-workers. She said they had a really fun time this weekend and are planning on another trip next year! For more details, you have to ask her about it.

Meanwhile, Skyler and I went to my parents' after his swim lessons and he cooked us hot dogs over a backyard fire. Then, we all went to our first monster truck show. It was a super time! Towards the end, Skyler was getting crazy and I told my mom and dad that he was about to crash. Ten minutes later, he was asleep, even though the noise was so loud.

Skyler loved the Batman truck the best. When we got home, he fell asleep with his unboxed Batman monster truck that his grandma and grandpa bought him.

We stayed overnight and then went to my parents' church on Sunday. After parking, my dad and I ran into the Kurt Warner family as they were getting in their truck from leaving the earlier church service. It was pretty cool to see such a high-profile guy, just being normal and attending church like a regular "Joe". I should've asked for a photo, since I had my camera in my jacket!

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