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Michigan 2010

Michigan was a week of having fun with family and friends! We arrived in the afternoon on July 4th to a homemade display of (illegal) fireworks and sparklers.

It was great to see relatives that I haven't seen in a while and friends from high school I haven't seen since...well, high school! Since Facebook has become a place to catch up with people from my past, it was really nice of Sarah and Julie to help plan and arrange a get-together with a couple dozen classmates. It was really like the class reunion we never had (because we never had).

Grandma Barb looked amazing and let us beat her at the many games we played. My favorite was Apples to Apples. She's a good sport, though!

Skyler got to go on his first dune ride at the same place where my family went all the time when I was growing up. We even went to the Detroit Zoo. Lots of fun memories!

I can't wait to go back, but we might wait until after the winter snow melts...

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