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Managing Without Mommy

Earlier this week, Renea left Skyler and I all alone, without pre-cooked meals or instructions on how to use the dishwasher. Shame! However, we managed to survive while she was at a school conference in Las Vegas.

I took Skyler to my weekly routine with Bronson. We also played with the blue light saber that he got at the Phoenix Electrical Light Parade last Saturday and took some really artsy-fartsy photos. By-the-way, it’s nice to go to events with people who know exactly where to park (thanks, mom and dad!).

Our school also had a fun Christmas party for the children and grandchildren of employees. Skyler had fun making ornaments and playing with the other children. I, of course, made him wear a silly beanie hat, given to him recently by his cousin Kaleigh, and a quazi-political t-shirt (see photos). He almost got dress-coded. At the party he opened a gift I bought him earlier in the day, a battery-operated crab.

The next day, Renea came home and we all decorated the Christmas tree.

Yes, we managed, but it sure is easier with mommy.

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