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Made My Day

Not only did our soccer team play their best game ever, I came home to read an email forwarded to me by our school's principal that really put a smile on my face:

Dear Mrs. Truett,

My children, ******** and ********, are in 7th grade at Hillcrest Middle School.  I just wanted to let you know how happy my husband and I are with the education our kids are receiving.  We are especially happy with one of ********'s teachers.
******** had a small problem with one of his projects in Jeff Herold's Drama class.  Of course, being a 12 year old, he didn't bring it to my attention.  I happened to look at his grades on line and was shocked!.  My husband and I immediately sat down with him and discussed it and then e-mailed Jeff about our concerns.  Our son was completely at fault!  Jeff kept in constant contact with my husband and I by e-mail andf worked with, and encouraged ********, in a very fair and positive manner.  Needless to say, we are very impressed with him as a teacher and as a role model for our young son.  ******** learned valuable lessons about respect, responsibility, and honesty.  Kudos to Jeff Herold for having such a positive impact  on our son over such a small matter!
Thank you for your time.  Happy Halloween!