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Kingdom of The Almighty

Ok, so yesterday, we watched The Kingdom. Not only was it a very well-made movie and had my heart beating rapidly throughout most of it, because of the level of pure excitement. With our current war on terror and my own feelings towards radical extremism, this movie really made me feel powerful emotions. The last scene of the movie almost ruined it for me, until I went online and read what others thought. Most made it sound like violence doesn't solve anything, but a couple I read believe that there is a true difference between people who want "everyone" dead versus those who want only the "bad guys" dead. Tremendous difference.

Today we watched Even Almighty. I enjoyed the first movie, Bruce Almighty, but this one stars Steve Carell and since Renea and I are suffering from lack of new episodes of The Office, due to the ongoing writers strike, this was an excellent alternative. Skyler loved all the animals and the flood scene at the end. There were a couple times we danced in front of the TV during a song. The movie had a very positive message and was very funny. Watching some of the DVD extras, I really gained a greater appreciation for the film crew and how Christian values were incorporated into the story. I remember hearing an interview last summer with the director and Michael Medved. While listening to the radio, I was very impressed with the man and his desire to produce Hollywood movies for families.

Last week, for New Year's Eve, Renea and I took Skyler into the hot tub and listened to part of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Our bedroom TV was positioned so we could see it from outside, too. Only one of us made it to midnight.