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Joey the Bug

Joey the Bug
by Skyler and Daddy
September 22, 2009

Once upon a time - no, actually it was tonight - there was a bug floating on top of the water in the hot tub. His name is Joey. He is a tiny bug that likes to crawl. Joey can crawl up and down our fingers and the palms of our hands. Sometimes it tickles.

Will Joey bite you? No, he is a nice little bug that wants to be your friend. He won’t bite you. He just wants to crawl on you.

Joey the bug also likes to swim. He’s not a very good swimmer and slows down after a while. But, once he climbs upon your hand, Joey can begin to crawl and tickle some more.

The swimming and crawling around on fingers and hands makes him very sleepy. So sleepy, in fact, that he decides to take a rest outside of the hot tub. He sleeps for a very, very long time. When he sleeps, he doesn’t move at all.

Then, Joey suddenly wakes up! He starts to crawl away from the hot tub and into the dark. Where is he going? Should we build him a house? He doesn’t want to have a house made for him because he already has a home. Joey is going home to his mommy and daddy.

Tomorrow, Joey has a big day. He has to ride on the little bug bus and go to the little bug school. Maybe he will learn more about people.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End