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Joey the Bug Pinches

Joey the Bug Pinches
by Skyler and Daddy
December 11, 2009

I see Joey the bug in the hallway! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. How are you Joey? Did you miss me?

Joey the bug is nice. I hope this isn’t the mean bug. I will pick it up.

It likes to crawl on my finger and even up my arm. It tickles!

Ouch! Joey the bug pinched me! He has little fingers that hurt me. He pinched me on my finger and on my arm. I don’t like that.
I am going to hurt Joey the bug, too. He hurt me. So, I am going to hurt him. I will push him done to the ground.

Joey isn’t moving. He hurt me and I pushed him.

Why did he want to hurt me? I just wanted to play with him. He wasn’t very nice.

Okay, now I want Joey to get up. He is so small and so slow. He won’t get up.

Joey, please get up! I want to play with you again. You like to crawl on my arm and I like to make houses for you. You are my friend.

Maybe I will go play outside now. Joey needs to rest. I’m sorry for pushing you down, Joey. Will you still be my friend?

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to school and then he will play with me again. I won’t push him down anymore. He is my friend.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End