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Joey the Bug Likes to Play

Joey the Bug Likes to Play
by Skyler and Daddy
November 5, 2009

School is out. Work is out. It’s time to play! What should we do? It’s such a nice afternoon. The sky is blue and the birds are singing. Let’s turn on some music, too.

Joey the bug wants to join us. He is done with school, too. First, we need to do some yard work. It’s important to take care of our yard. Fixing things and cleaning things are fun to do.

Oh no! The dogs are getting too close to Joey the bug. They might even step on him! We need to pick him up and protect our friend. Let’s take him over to the table. Be careful not to squeeze him too much. Joey is very tiny and very soft.

Does Joey the bug like the sandbox? I wonder if he will like to play there. In the sandbox, we have lots of toys and lots of sand. Joey likes the blue bucket and the sea shells. He can play on the truck, too!

Joey the bug is really tired now and wants to go home to his family. His mommy and daddy are waiting for him. Where does his family live? They live in the sandbox! Maybe they live under the toys in the sandbox.

Tomorrow, Joey has a big day. He is going to spend time with his family and do some really fun things. Maybe he will tell us about his fun day.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End