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Joey the Bug is Sad

Joey the Bug is Sad
by Skyler and Daddy
January 26, 2010

What is Joey the bug doing today? I wonder if he is hungry like me. I am very hungry. My belly wants food when I play outside so long.

What does Joey like to eat? Maybe he likes to eat cereal like me. I want to eat snow monster cereal. It tastes so yummy. Do we have some in the cupboard?

Joey also likes to hug his mommy and daddy. They give him great hugs. He is sad right now because his mommy is going on an airplane. Joey wants to play with his mommy.

What will Joey do when his mommy is far, far away? Maybe he will play with his daddy! They can do lots of things.

They can play outside.
They can play inside.
They can play at the park.
They can play anywhere!

Joey the bug will miss his mommy. When she comes back, he will give her a great, bug hug. He loves her very much. He doesn’t want to be sad.

I want to be happy and not sad. I want to play with my daddy, too. He is a fun daddy. We play all the time and act silly every day. I love him very much.

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to the dentist. He really likes the dentist. He gets to pick a little toy and gets lots of stickers. It is so much fun.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End