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Joey the Bug Gets a New Home

Joey the Bug Gets a New Home
by Skyler and Daddy
December 22, 2009

It’s fun to help my dad in the yard. I like to water the plants and kick the rocks off from the sidewalk. Be careful to not go near the street!

I found Joey! He’s crawling on the driveway. Maybe he will climb up my stick. No, he is hiding in the cracks. Why does he hide there?

He’s so cute. He crawls up my fingers. Ouch! He pinched me again. I better be careful. I want to hold Joey, but sometimes he gets mad and pinches me. Is he mean or nice? Maybe he is just being like a bug.

Joey the bug needs a nice home. My daddy is getting a box to put him in.

Oh, no! Where did he go? I lost him! Maybe he is under the dirt. Maybe he went to bug school. I better find him soon so I can put him in his new home.

I found him! He was hiding again. Joey the bug is so tiny and gets lost so easily.

Let’s help daddy make a home for Joey. He can’t just live in an empty box. What does Joey need in his home?

Does he like leaves?
Does he like dirt?
Does he like flowers?
Does he like little, tiny rocks?

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to see Santa bug and ask for lots of presents. He’s also going to see his family. That sounds like a great idea.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End