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Joey the Bug at the Hospital

Joey the Bug at the Hospital
by Skyler and Daddy
November 20, 2009

Where is my friend, Joey the bug? I like to play with him and tell him about my day. I like to hear about his day, too.

I found Joey! He was hiding in the backyard. He was shy because of grandma. She’s not at home right now. My grandma likes to read and play with me.

Oh, no! My dog ate Joey the bug! Now we have to get a new Joey the bug. Where can I found one? Where is the new Joey the Bug? We need to find one now!

Is he at the grocery store? No.
Is he at school? No.
Is he at the circus? No.
Is he at the park? No.
Is he at the hospital? Yes he is!

The new Joey the bug is with my grandma at the hospital. He likes grandma. He reads books with her. They talk about the stories. She is very nice to him.

My grandma is sick right now. I want her to get better. I want to play with her. My grandma is fun and likes to make me laugh.

Grandma is going to get better. Joey is going to help her. They are friends.

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to come back to my house and play with me. Maybe he will share a book with me. I am happy that Joey saw my grandma at the hospital.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End