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Skyler and I were playing outside this afternoon while Renea was out. I let our dogs in the backyard with us, but Gambit decided to go back inside soon after I got the hose out and started spraying the plants, Skyler, and Storm. Storm kept jumping up at the water. Then she fell.

She fell into the pool! I took the time to take my shoes off, but kept my socks, jeans, and shirt on. Skyler just smiled and watched me save the dog. She owes me big time.

Earlier today, we had a meeting to get Skyler into a preschool program for the next school year. Renea and I are both excited that he will be starting school again, but I guess I’m in charge of his homework.

Yesterday, we saw Kung Fu Panda at the new Harkins Norterra for Renea’s birthday. Skyler had more fun playing on the metal bars in front of our seats then the movie. His tantrums finally made us seriously reconsider taking him to a movie anytime soon.