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Yesterday, Heath Ledger died from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. I don't care if he did it deliberately or not. It struck me significantly when I came home yesterday and visited The Drudge Report to read about him on the headline. He was about my age and had a kid about Skyler's age. I liked seeing him in movies, like A Knight's Tale and The Patriot. I briefly discussed him with my classes today and some initially didn't know who he was and some started talking with their peers about him. It's interesting that just recently, I was reading online about how his performance in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight, The Joker, was being criticized and lauded at the same time. Renea and I saw I Am Legend last weekend in an IMAX theatre and it had an exclusive trailer for the Summer movie. I am excited to see it, yet know I will feel bittersweet because of his death.