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Grandma Barb Arrives!

Yesterday, Grandma Barb and my parents came over for the day to hang out, eat, and play a very fun and close game of Phase 10. Our van was in the shop, getting worked on and won't be ready until tomorrow morning!

While we were playing the game, the topic of The Polar Express and my blog about it from December. My grandma and mom watched the movie this morning and went to the links in my blog about Grand Rapids and Herpolsheimer’s. They were browsing photos from the Grand Rapids Public Library website and saw a small thumbnail of some students at Central High School. My grandma thought that maybe, by chance, she would recognize someone in the photo. When she clicked on it, she realized that she was actually IN the photo!

Click on it!

Just now, I found a photo on the same website that features Harry Houdini, of whom I've been reading and listening to an audiobook lately. In the photo, he is performing an escape trick in front of the Grand Rapids Herald building (circa 1920).