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Great Grandma's funeral is next Wednesday in Grand Rapids, MI. I decided not to fly out there. We will be in Michigan in September, so we can make a special trip to GR to visit her grave. Mom is flying out tomorrow morning to help out for three weeks. I will send flowers next week for the ceremony.

She was very precious to me. After all, who else can say their first college roommate was their great grandma? That year was important for me. My parents and brother had just moved to Arizona and I was feeling more independent, going to a university and having the freedom to stay out late. Great Grandma was always up waiting for me when I walked in at 2AM. She would complain, but I listened to her and respected her. She taught me how to properly wash clothes. We had meals together and sometimes I would take her out. I'm very glad that I had that opportunity because I will never forget her.