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Fathers' Day

Well, we were looking forward to wearing our matching Hawaiin outfits today, but Renea and I ended up taking Skyler to NextCare because she suspected he had an ear infection - she was right! After a couple hours, we got home and I also started not feeling well...and then Renea, too. So, the three of us just sat around, played, and watched a movie. We did get to take some funny photos of Skyler making funny faces. Check out the 2006 Photos for the album.

Despite all the sickness, we managed to have a good day and I received the best Fathers' Day gift from Renea and Skyler. They made me a special "Daddy and Skyler" photo frame at As You Wish, a pottery-making craft store by the movie theatre. We picked it up last night and I was very surprised. We'll take the Hawaiin outfit photos soon and put the best one in the frame.