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Durango in September

We had a fun and eventful weekend in Durango, CO to visit Renea's side of the family. I consider them my side, too, because I really enjoy the drive and being with everyone in such a beautiful place. We stayed at the Durango Mountain Resort (aka Purgatory). The room was huge and relatives visited us there on Saturday.

We did a lot of outdoor activities, including the Alpine Slide. On our second trip down, Skyler and I thought it would be a good idea to go faster. We went faster...and ended up crashing about halfway down. We ended up having to go the rest of the way, and once we got back on the track, he wanted to keep going fast! There was a medic waiting for us at the bottom and she helped get us bandaged up.

Later that evening we all played Phase 10 and cause such a major uproar that security had to be called to our room! Actually, we weren't really that loud and it wasn't that late, so I think that the neighbors were just dealing with a recent lack of sleep.

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