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Death and The Road

I finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy (author of No Country For Old Men). It only took two days because it was relatively short, but it was powerful. The style was very fluid and the description was beautiful, but sometimes I got lost and had to re-read a line here and there because of lack of quotations. Although I did not prefectly understand every word used to describe the scene, it still felt real.

I was prompted to get this book because of the themes: father-son relationships, survival, and the end-of-the-world (having read many short stories on this topic). The main characters were a father and his young son. They were traveling along the roads towards the south and come across many obstacles, including hungry cannibals (food was seldom to be found). Trust and love was very evident in their relationship.

There is a movie version due later this year and it looks promising in that it follows the book pretty well, according to what I’ve read.

Also, I downloaded the new Coldplay album this week and thought that the last “official” track was very powerful and goes along with the story I read. It’s called Death and All His Friends. Despite the title, the lyrics of the song are really uplifting and reminds us to take each day, one at a time. The ending matches the book I read perfectly. I highly reccommend getting this album.