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Daddy Day at School

Today was Daddy Day at Skyler's preschool. I met him there, along with other fathers. We started out by playing t-ball. It was his first time playing and we ran the bases together. Next, we went inside for some activities, including a school-wide lockdown, which meant we had to go into a side room and quietly read books. Skyler and I got the perfect good book for the occasion, Just Me and my Dad, by Mercer Mayer. He read to me by telling me what was happening on each page. After the lockdown was over, his class sang a song for the dads and then it was shaving time! Skyler and I used shaving cream and popsicle sticks to shave each other's faces. I almost left to go back to work with a ton of shaving cream still on my face! Skyler gave me a nice poem and footprint painting before I had to leave. He then began his final craft for me, a shaved crayon and photo project. I had a lot of fun and I know Skyler was glad that we got to share some time together at his school.

Check out the photos.