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Cornfield Maze

This afternoon, Skyler took his mommy and daddy and his grandparents, Papa Steve and Grandma Carrie, to a cornfield maze. The first thing we did was put him in his Halloween costume, The Scarecrow, and start a quick photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.

Then we walked over to the maze area and watched Skyler play a bunch of fun games. He won so many prizes.

Next up was the big maze. Skyler took us on a tour of the cornfield and promptly helped us get lost. We ended up taking some unauthorized shortcuts to reach the end.

We decided to play a couple more games before going home. Skyler even made a cool tie-dyed shirt.

At home, we carved a couple pumpkins. Mine was a little difficult, with a lot of zigzags and special cuts. They looked pretty neat with the lights out and a candle inside them.

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