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Chopin and a Fever

Last night, I went to my parents for some good Chinese take-out and then my dad and I got some culture at the newly renovated Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and saw Jeffrey Siegel play some piano works by Chopin and Schumann. This year marks Chopin's 200th birthday. It was an amazing concert and I really enjoy Jeffrey Siegel, because he explains parts of the pieces and gives a backstory before he plays the entire piece form start to finish. It helps the audience to better appreciate the music. There is also a special video camera and screen above the piano keyboard, so everyone can see the performer's hands on the keyboard. Very neat!

This morning, I am staying with Skyler at home, because he has a high fever and a possible ear infection. This would be the first time he has been sick this school year, so we can't complain! He and I prayed that he will get better, so we can run around and play outside.