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Black-As-Death Friday

Yesterday, we visited my parents for Thanksgiving and had a nice meal over discussions of Black Friday and the crowds of people that always go crazy.

This morning, I read some stories and saw video of the aftermath of a swarm of insane people out shopping. These crazies literally risked their lives wanting to save a few bucks on worthless crap that will break or be forgotten in a few months. I feel very sad for the employee (about my age) who died in this mob-storm. Even a pregnant woman got pushed down and had to be taken to a hospital. I sat comfortably in my office chair and made some online purchases.

Later today, we went to Renea’s mom’s house and had another turkey meal. Skyler I played pirates in the backyard. It was a relaxing two days - something many people didn’t get to do because of the need to shop. I’m very thankful for the blessings that God has given me, including the ability to spend time with family and avoid angry crowds.