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Athlete of the Year

I woke up this morning and helped some more with our school's first rummage sale. Yesterday, after school got out, there were people showing up as we moved items to the parking lot. I think it was a success and hope it generated enough money to purchase new technology for our school.

Next, I came home and picked up Skyler to go to our first race. Kendra's Race is an annual fun run/walk to raise money for cancer research. Skyler sprinted a lot and impressed everyone there. However, his sprints eventually had to end and he repeatedly asked to go up on my shoulders, while I jogged. It was a good workout! We clocked in at 12:28 for the mile.

A couple hours later, I took him to a swim lesson that was rescheduled from the morning. At the end of the class, Skyler received a ribbon and graduated from Jellyfish to Octopus. The details of his achievements are in the photos.

Check out the rest of the photos.