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A Good Conversation

Yesterday, I had a great time talking with my dad. No special occasion, no immediate emergency - just a nice conversation. He brought up a bunch of really positive things going on...and one negative. Do the math. My introduction to statistics course is almost finished and I am about mathed-out, but this was a simple task.

Skyler went to a classmate's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. Thankfully, I drove separately, so I used my excuse of claustrophobia to get out of there fairly quickly.

A few days ago we got Grandpa Whitehair's chess game from Grandma Donna. Skyler loves the pieces and one day I will show him how to play (badly).

This first photo was taken during our trip to Florida a few years ago.
Grandpa is watching Josh and Patrick play a serious game.

I just took this photo of Skyler and the new home for Grandpa's chess game.