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Jeff's Blog is Paused!

This is blog post #559 and it’s been over a year since my previous post. Those are two very important facts about this blog.

First, it’s been a great journey, typing down our family’s stories and letting friends and family know what’s new in the Herold house. I’ve been able to express myself through words and pictures this way and it’s neat to go back in time every now and then.

Secondly, I have been using Facebook on a daily basis and like updating my page with the same type of style I got used to using through this blog. However, using Facebook is easier and gives greater feedback, which is a plus.

This blog, along with the site, will remain online as a reminder of the time I spent updating it and making it a real part of my life.

Putting Up the Tree

We finally added ornaments to the tree! It's been a few days since it was put up, but now it looks great! Skyler and his mom did an excellent job putting many different ornaments, collected over the years, including one from the University of Michigan (one of my favorites).

The Polar Express 2010

We enjoyed another trip to the North pole, with our friends. The boys all had a fun time singing and dancing on the train and looked cute in their pajamas. The weather was cold and it snowed a little. I look forward to a sledding trip soon!

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Voyage Trekkers!

I got a chance to help out my old college buddy, Nathan Blackwell, on a film shoot this weekend. He directed a series of short web videos called Voyage Trekkers, which has some of the most hilarious lines ever! I laughed all weekend as I took photos and videos of the actors rehearsing and ad-libbing. Another friend from the old days, Eric, was hang out with (we were probably the only ones who listen to talk radio). There were lots of friendly people and I met some new friends.

It was a lot of fun to get back into what I used to do over 12 years ago. I hope to join the crew on another adventure soon.

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Santa Photos 2010

We went to Mark and Jenny's to celebrate Alex's birthday and to take family photos with Santa (Jenny's dad). Santa brought Mrs. Claus, too!

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