Herolds' Hangout

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Below are the updates from the original version of heroldshangout.com:


12/31/05 - Skyler can crawl!

12/30/05 - A second tooth breaks through, right next to the first.

12/10/05 - The First Tooth reappears, bigger than ever (bottom right).

12/4/05 - Skyler met Santa at Arrowhead Mall.

11/28/05 - Skyler and Mommy went to his 6 month checkup. He remembered where he was before he got his shot and cried on three different moments, including seeing the Dr. again at the receptionist's counter.

11/24/05 - The First Tooth disappeared!

11/8/05 - Josh made Varsity Soccer his sophomore year.

11/5/05 - Skyler seemed to realize what it means when his mom and dad make kissing sounds towards him.

11/1/05 - Jeff and Renea finally witnessed the infamous rollover!

10/13/05 - Ashley claimed she witnessed Skyler roll over for the first time. A couple days later, Renea missed it by a few seconds.

10/05/05 - Skyler went on his first plane ride with his mommy and daddy. For five days they visited his Great-Great Grandma and many other friends and relatives.

10/02/05 - The First Tooth Appeared! It's on the bottom and looks like a tiny dot.

9/26/05 - Tonight was the first time Skyler slept through the night. Mommy and daddy felt so refreshed the next morning. The world's supply of energy drinks will soon be replenished.

9/23/05 - Renea went back to work after taking some time off to stay home. It was a sad day. Daddy started getting up in the middle of the night more.

9/5/05 - Skyler went for his first stroller ride! Mommy and daddy took him for a walk around the neighborhood. He was fascinated by all the new things to see.

8/29/05 - Skyler laughed out loud for the first time without being tickled. He was just so happy to see his mommy outside by the pool.

8/14/05 - Skyler spent his first night in his own room (well, almost).

7/11/05 - Josh's soccer team won their indoor championship!

7/9/05 - Ashley had a graduation party and received lots of money!

7/6/05 - Skyler met his future girlfriend, Macy (and her older brother, Brady).

7/3/05 - Skyler went to his very first movie - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

7/1/05 - Skyler went swimming for the first time.

6/29/05 - Skyler had his tounge surgery (for tounge-tied).

6/23/05 - Grandpa Stu and Grandma Gwen came down from Durango, CO.

6/18/05 - Skyler enjoyed celebrating his first month on Earth (out of the womb).

6/10/05 - Renea turned 29 again for the 7th time in a row.

6/1/05 - Ashley began her first day of college, starting out with an evening math course at Glendale Community College.

5/28/05 - Skyler and his second coursin, Lukas, met each other for the first time. They were both born on the very same day.

5/25/05 - Ashley graduated high school and Skyler slept through every air horn and family yelling. Renea also took some sweet photos of Daddy and Son.

5/23/05 - Skyler came home on 5/20/05 and has been spending most of his time eating, sleeping, and doing #1 or #2. However, 5/23/05 marks the first time that Skyler and Daddy spend some quality play time.

5/18/05 - Skyler Steven Herold was delivered (quite unexpectedly) on Wednesday, May 18th at 6:36 PM, weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. and measuring 19 1/2". Mom sent dad home to pack the bag that should have already been packed. A day that began as a weekly checkup ended up being a permanent visit. Skyler and his family would like to thank the entire birthing team at Arrowhead Hospital for treating us so well and contributing to this awesome experience.

4/20/05 - The baby's first recorded heartbeat was captured by daddy. It took only a couple weeks to figure out how to get it downloaded to the computer!

4/13/05 - Ashley started training on her first job. She will be working at Waterworld. Her prom photos are online now.

4/6/05 - The 3D Ultrasound Video is taken.

2/26/05 - The calendar/dates page has been updated with a couple of countdowns.

2/13/05 - Jeff had his 29th birthday and teased everyone in their 30's and up.

1/26/05 - Ashley turned 17 and got her iPod Mini (but, Renea also got an iBook and it isn't her birthday yet).


2/23/04 - It's (gonna be) a boy! The ultrasound confirmed it.

10/26/04 - One is enough. Another ultrsound confirms that the baby, will indeed, be one child. Doctor: "It actually looks a lot like a gummy bear."

10/11/04 - Jeff got goosebumps when Renea called and told him her first ultrasound showed the possibility of MORE THAN ONE! Actually, he nearly fainted.

10/5/04 - Renea found a closer TCBY. She added, "I am also partial to white chocolate mousse yogurt."

10/4/04 - Jeff found a TCBY (not very close).

10/1/04 - Finally! Renea's pregnancy test came up positive! Now Jeff has to clean out the spare bedroom. He is looking forward to doing a lot of things he is not used to doing (like washing dishes, cleaning toliets, making special, far away trips to TCBY on demand, etc.)